Remote Wipe Doesn’t Work!

The other day I tried to perform the remote wipe of an ActiveSync device and, to my surprise, received a “cannot be found” error.  The device – and its relationship with Exchange – certainly existed so what was up?



It turns out the cause was the relocation of the user’s account within AD.

Check out this echangeserverpro article, which explains the cause and cure (excerpt):
“In the comments of my article on user-initiated remote wipes for Exchange ActiveSync devices, Jonathan has described a situation in which administrator-initiated remote wipes fail if the user account has been moved to a different OU after the ActiveSync device association was created.”


full at exchangeserverpro…

Managing Mobile Device Partnerships via PowerShell

Exchange 2010 offers a variety of methods for managing mobile devices.  You can use the Exchange Management shell, or the Exchange Control Panel and of course, PowerShell.


Recently I received a request to remotely wipe the mobile devices of two users (smart phones and tablets) and used the following quick and easy combination of PowerShell commands:

To see the status and IDs of a user’s mobile devices:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice –Mailbox “User Name” | Format-List Name

For a particular user one of the devices listed was named iPad§ApplDMPHFVZHDVGJ.

Using this ID I was able to start a remote wipe by issuing the following:

Clear-MobileDevice -Identity iPad§ApplDMPHFVZHDVGJ -NotificationEmailAddresses “”

As I’m sure you already know or have guessed, the -NotificationEmailAddresses option tells PowerShell where to send the command’s results.

If, instead of remote wiping I merely wanted to remove the device’s partnership with Exchange I could issue the following command:

Remove-ActiveSyncDevice -Identity iPad§ApplDMPHFVZHDVGJ