Office 365: A Quick PowerShell Reference Guide

Harold Llyod Safety Last

Without a doubt, the most powerful way to manage Office 365 is with remote PowerShell.

I’ve collected some of the most useful cmdlets into an ebook called Office 365: Quick PowerShell Reference Guide.

This short book is by no means a comprehensive guide to everything you can accomplish managing Office 365 with PowerShell. For that, I suggest books such as “Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out” by Anthony Puca which is quite good, if a little dated.

Another excellent resource is Microsoft’s TechNet article, Getting started with Windows PowerShell in Office 365


This is a collection of (mostly) related actions I’ve taken to fulfill specific administrative and reporting tasks and assembled into a living document that will grow as time goes by.

Content will be updated on an almost weekly basis and made available at the book’s blog site.

How should you use this book?

Think of it as a handy guide to some of the most common PowerShell-related things you’ll be asked to do, particularly by managers who need information about how your organization’s Office 365 investment is being used.

Although the Office 365 web portal is a fairly powerful and useful tool, PowerShell is, without a doubt the most powerful tool for configuring, managing and generating reports from your Office 365 tenant. By mastering PowerShell – or at least, achieving a high level of competence – you will enhance your marketability and gain greater insight into how Microsoft’s premier Software as a Service platform functions.

Hopefully, you’ll find this book a solid addition to your Office 365 reference library.

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