Introducing the Office 365 Trust Center


Security is key.

And yet, it’s surprising how many of us overlook its importance until an outside factor – perhaps financial, legal or regulatory, or some unanticipated combination thereof – focuses our minds, bringing information security to the forefront.

This inattentiveness may be because of our difficulty discerning between perceived and actual risk.

Consider Office 365, for example.  Although company decision makers are eager to enjoy the (real or imagined) cost savings of moving messaging, collaboration and other critical technologies to ‘the cloud’, it’s often only later – after migration is complete, that serious questions are asked about data loss prevention, message hygiene and related matters.

Fortunately, Microsoft provides a hub for Office 365’s security features, the Office 365 Trust Center.

The Trust Center is a good resource for technology professionals who need to educate decision makers about Office 365’s data security strengths and weaknesses.  It’s also an excellent way to keep abreast of current thinking at Microsoft regarding data security.


Next week: Data Loss Prevention in Office 365, Part Three.




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