Managing Licensing In Office 365

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Migrating your Exchange, SharePoint and Lync (or, as it’s now known, Skype for Business) services to Office 365 can be very challenging.  So challenging in fact, that once you’ve leapt all the technical hurdles and your users are reasonably happy (or perhaps ecstatic, let’s be positive!) you may be unprepared for what will probably be one of your most demanding tasks: managing licenses and associated costs.

In my next post, I’ll write in detail about the method I used to decrease a large firm’s license count and, in turn, the bill due to Microsoft.

Until then, here’s an overview of the tools and skills needed:

  • A method for gathering in-depth information about the status of user accounts (i.e., active vs. inactive, license type used, etc.) I’ve found Cogmotivediscussed in this post -to be invaluable
  • Good familiarity with PowerShell (really key to managing large groups of accounts in an intelligent way)
  • An agreed upon workflow for un-licensing and removing dormant or terminated accounts in a timely way

Here’s one of Microsoft’s guides to managing accounts.  It’s informative, but isn’t quite right for admins who need to control very large data sets.

Next time, I’ll walk you through the approach I took.


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