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SharePoint Online is big.  Very big.

So big, that learning even its basic elements can be intimidating for end-users. So, to help organize my thoughts and provide a compendium of useful information, here is a good old fashioned link farm, devoted to SPO.

Here are the topics…(click the headings to see the instructional videos from Microsoft and other SharePoint experts)


  • Introduction to lists
  • How to create a List
  • Edit or delete items in a list
  • Load Excel Data Into a SharePoint Online List
  • Introduction to Libraries
  • Renaming, deleting and adding files within a library
  • Adding documents to a library
  • Understanding permissions in SharePoint
  • Managing Large Lists in SharePoint Online (greater than 5000 items)
  • Understanding the SharePoint Online Recycle Bin


Introduction to lists


“Learn what a SharePoint list is and see some examples of different types of lists, such as calendars, contacts, tasks, and custom lists.”


How to create a List

“This video-based training course teaches you how to create SharePoint lists using built-in apps, create and edit views of the lists, share lists with others, and set alerts so you can be notified automatically when lists change. ”


Edit or delete items in a list

“Learn how to edit or delete items in a list quickly in Quick Edit mode or edit the full details by opening an individual item. The video uses a Contacts list as an example, but the process is similar for most lists.”


Load Excel Data Into a SharePoint Online List

The easy way to turn your spreadsheet into a SharePoint Online list


Introduction to Libraries

“This video introduces you to SharePoint libraries and how they can help you organize documents and other files.”


Renaming, deleting and adding files within a library

“Working with files in a SharePoint library is easy. This short video shows you how to quickly rename, delete, and add files within a library.”


Adding documents to a library

“There are several ways that you can add documents to a SharePoint library. You can create a new document right inside the library, or you can upload an existing document from another location. You can also drag and drop multiple documents into a library.”


Understanding permissions in SharePoint

“Are you confused about how permissions work in SharePoint? Controlling access to sites, libraries and items in those libraries is an important part of using SharePoint in your organization. This conceptual video explains the basic guidelines to follow when working with SharePoint permissions. You’ll get an overview of these guidelines, including how to creating unique permissions for sites, sub-sites, and libraries by breaking permissions inheritance.”


Managing Large Lists in SharePoint Online (greater than 5000 items)

“No matter how big or small, lists and libraries are vital to you in many ways. But when a list or library is growing in size and might exceed 5000 items, it’s time to carefully plan and organize how the data is accessed. Why is 5,000 such a magic number? Because this is the List View Threshold, which blocks most list and library operations when this limit is exceeded. This blocking operation can be frustrating, but prevents adversely affecting the service performance of other users. Here’s some guidance for ensuring that you are not blocked, can fix the problem if you are blocked, and can stay on track. ”


Understanding the SharePoint Online Recycle Bin

“Unlike PC’s Recycle Bin, SharePoint Recycle Bin can store not just files and folders. It is a catch-all place for any user-created content that was deleted. That includes documents, folders, whole document libraries, SharePoint lists and even complete sites! So in other words, whether you delete a document from a document library, an event from a calendar, task from a task list, contact from a contacts list or even the whole SharePoint Site – they will all end up in SharePoint Recycle Bin.”

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D. Roberto

No one can know everything...but I come close! Actually, this project is an enhanced version of the notes I take everyday to sharpen my skills and deepen my understanding. Hopefully, it can be of some benefit to my fellow specialists around the world.