Serious about Office 365? Get Serious about Azure

Continuing the theme I started in “Odds are, your organization is doing Office 365 wrong” let’s talk about the relationship between Office 365 and Azure.

Or more to the point, the relationship you should have with Azure if your career is focused on Office 365.

As I stated in that earlier article, there’s a tendency for companies to fixate upon one or another element of Office 365 (Exchange or SharePoint Online, for example) and miss the SaaS forest for the trees.

To be sure, this is a missed opportunity (and may prevent you from future-proofing your career if you’re pigeonholed) but there is another, even deeper level of missed chances: failing to take advantage of Azure.

Office 365, properly understood, is an Azure application and just as Exchange or SharePoint are the “gateway drug to the cloud” for many companies, Office 365 should serve as the bridge to Azure.

When you use PowerShell to manage the identities of your tenant accounts with the Microsoft Online Services module you are connecting to Azure AD, where those identities ‘live’.

When you log into using your Office 365 global admin account, you’ll see the Azure instance that forms the foundation of your tenant.

And when you log into that portal, you’ll see the full range of Azure services available to you when you activate a subscription or enter an enterprise agreement.

If your organization is using Office 365 but has not fully embraced Azure (or is unaware that it’s even possible), now is the time to deepen your commitment to cloud technology (and mature your skill set) by advocating and making the business case.

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D. Roberto

No one can know everything...but I come close! Actually, this project is an enhanced version of the notes I take everyday to sharpen my skills and deepen my understanding. Hopefully, it can be of some benefit to my fellow specialists around the world.