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Start punching above your weight…


In the era before cloud computing, only large companies with equally large bank accounts could afford to use the best information technology available. This left small and medium sized companies in a strange place: needing many of the same knowledge and tools but compelled to make the best of what their smaller budgets allowed.


Now, with Office 365 and Azure your business, no matter how small, or new, can use the same advanced technologies long enjoyed by big firms (plus, a host of new capabilities). This allows you to multiply your impact and move to market at high velocity.

Our mission is to use our skills – developed in large enterprises – to help you get the full benefits of 21st century technology and compete.

We are…


D. R. Monroe

Cloud Technologist and Evangelist, Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect, AWS EC2/S3 and Azure Adept

You need to move your workloads to the cloud. Not all, and maybe not today, but many, and sooner, rather than later because racking and stacking ever more servers to meet every challenge is a losing proposition. But how do you get there? And once you’re ‘there’, how do you maximize your investment, maintain (or enhance) security and reinvent your workflows. These are the questions we work to answer for you.


Carol Monroe

Cloud Adoption Program Manager/Project and Business Process Architect/Technology and Business Liaison

You can have the best technology in the world, but if you aren’t organized, if you don’t have a coherent vision of what you’re trying to accomplish, it won’t do you much good.


I bring strategic and tactical leadership to companies, helping them achieve efficiencies by creating solid business operations and project management. Over the course of almost twenty years, I’ve brought creativity and a commitment to problem solving and relieving business pain. Fast paced environments don’t trouble me; in fact, I see the cloud (which enables your org to move at the ‘speed of your need’) as the most powerful way to bridge the gap between business and technology.

With my extensive experience, I apply traditional/waterfall and Agile project management (PMI BOK, Agile Alliance) practices interacting confidently with project teams, sponsors and senior-level executive leadership.